8 Best Youtube Psychotherapy Lectures

8 Best Youtube Psychotherapy Lectures

Psychotherapy is surprisingly multifaceted and interesting not only for neurotics and psychotics but also for any curious mind which is used to asking uncomfortable questions about the essence of being. We have selected eight youtube lectures that will introduce you to the subject. 

A Series Of Lectures On Psychoanalysis

series of eight lectures on psychoanalysis. Reads by a Berlin Institute of Psychoanalysis employee – a man of incredible erudition. Neatly, step by step, he puts everything on the shelves: who Freud is, what he did, why it is essential, how it works, and so on. The lectures are quite long, an hour and a half each, but they look effortless.

How Gestalt Therapy Works

Strictly speaking, not a lecture but a psychotherapy session conducted by Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy. In it, he demonstrates the specifics of his method – which, unlike psychoanalysis, consists of studying the relationship between the client and the therapist here and now. There is a lot of smoking in the frame.

Why Will You Marry The Wrong Person?

Philosopher Alan de Botton, who has recently taken a great interest in psychotherapy and created a project called The School of Life, talks about how a person works – and about his constant search for an ideal, doomed to failure in advance, since the ideal exists only in the form of a concept, but not in the form of a realistically achievable goal. Instead of looking for the perfect match, Botton suggests finding a good enough match. In English.

Video about Jacques Lacan

Practicing psychoanalysts do not like Lacan, but the theorists of psychoanalysis and other philosophers are delighted with him. Lacan is one of the most brilliant thinkers of the 20th century, who devoted his life to rethinking and embellishing Freud’s ideas. In general, look – and you will find out everything in eight minutes. 

Psychological First Aid, TED Talks

Does psychologist Guy Winch ask why we pay so much attention to our bodies but not too much emotional hygiene? Russian dubbing is somewhat crooked – but, sorry, there is no other way.

The Age of Selfishness

A documentary that has already become a classic. He talks about how Freud’s ideas led to the emergence of PR, advertising, and other means of manipulating mass consciousness. 

How Narcissists Took Over The World

A VICE story about narcissistic personality disorder is a pretty interesting story that we’ll be writing a lot about in a while. Quite raw and unprofessional, but overall gives some idea of ​​the subject.

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive

Actor Stephen Fry made a documentary about bipolar disorder – which he suffers from. In it, he talks about how it works and also interviews famous people with similar diagnoses. 

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